What is the Kingdom Focused Summit?

In 2019, the Goble Group launched the Kingdom Focused Summit (KFS) as an act of faith to bring Christian leaders, speakers, and educators from across the country to Central PA to share their insight, wisdom, and faith with our vibrant small business community around a relevant theme each year.

The Kingdom Focused Summit provides an opportunity for these businesses to come together as individuals or teams to learn, laugh, and network through faith, family and business.

Save the Date: April 24, 2025

2025 Kingdom Focused Summit -- April 24th

Landis Hall at The Junction Center -- Doors Open 7:45am | KFS ends 12:30pm

Speaker(s) and 2025 theme to be announced in the coming months!

Many thanks to Ken Sande for sharing an amazing message at the 2024 Kingdom Focused Summit!  

The Kingdom Focused Summit is supported by the sponsors below.

2024 Kingdom Focused Summit Sponsors

Pictures from previous KFS events


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