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Why You Want It:

  • Saves You Time on Reading and Learning
  • Saves You Money 
  • Easy Digital Access Anywhere
  • Professional Growth and New Opportunities
  • Simple Way to Bet on Yourself
  • Community of like-minded learners

Why You Need It:

  • Provides a professional advantage in a tight employment marketplace
  • Shortcuts the learning cycle by quickly introducing valuable information 
  • Videos share real-life application for you that create beneficial outcomes 

What You Get:

  • Each month, at least (2) new books will be added to the online library.
  • Each book will have a book description, summary, and select notes in a document format that you'll be able to download.
  • Videos sharing specific thoughts on select content from each book, and how you can utilize that content to improve your life. (Additional videos coming soon!)
  • A community of like-minded individuals who want to grow and learn.
  • Invitations to small group discussions, sometimes with authors as guests.
  • Our goal is to create a community and  introduce you to new and powerful books, with valuable information you can use to improve your circumstances and your life. 
Current Content Available for Community Members

Monthly (auto-renewing)

$9.00 USD


Yearly (auto-renewing)

$99.00 USD


Click the Book Covers for Examples of Summaries You'll Find Inside

Sample Video similar to what you'll find for the Best Reading Hack content:


The Hard Thing About Hard Things

by Ben Horowitz